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Rabu, 05 Oktober 2011

Kawasaki Ninja

Harga Motor Kawasaki Ninja Baru dan Bekas (Second). Ninja is the icon, brand, tag firmly attached to the Kawasaki name. When people mention the name of Kawasaki, Ninja Name directly appears. Brand Ninja first appeared in 1984.
Kawasaki Ninja
Harga Kawasaki Ninja Baru
Kawasaki Type
Price (Rupiah)
Ninja M 150 R 22.000.000
Ninja N 150 VR 24.550.000
Ninja L 150 VR 24.750.000
Ninja 150 RR 32.200.000
Ninja 250 R 46.500.000

Harga Kawasaki Ninja Bekas / Second
Kawasaki Type
Price (Juta Rupiah)
Ninja S 1999 8.5 – 8.8
Ninja R 1997 – 2000 8.5 – 11
2001 – 2005 11 – 13.5
Ninja RL 2008 18 – 19
Ninja RR 2007 23 – 24
Ninja KR 2008 18 – 18.5
Ninja KRR 2003 – 2008 22 – 27

Note : Harga Kawasaki / The motorcycle price displayed here can be different from the actual price on the dealer or the seller depend on some factors.

Information Summary
Ninja first appeared in 1984 to name the variant GPZ900R for America Market and continues to be an important icon in the world especially the aspect R2 Sport Bike. Perhaps even Ninja name is more famous than the Kawasaki itself.
Kawasaki Ninja 250R is the latest variant of the Kawasaki Ninja 249 cc machine, tempting for users of motor racing. Motor racing has been a discussion since 2007 is manufactured in Thailand and entered Indonesia in the middle of 2008.
With a compression ratio of 1: 11.6, Ninja 250 R is simply drain the bag because he drank fuel Pertamax plus class. Still, this is commensurate with his ability, the Ninja has a maximum power 11 000 revolutions per minute (rpm) and maximum torque of 9500 rpm.
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